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Project-studio in Astana, Kazakhstan

The construction of this small studio was completed six months ago. From the first days of our communication, the customer was not going to build any studio. He wanted us to construct him a booth for vocals and announcers recording. First we spent some time to explain to the customer our point of view on such things, to explain all the strengths and weaknesses. Then we spent some time on establishing communication and solving bureaucratic problems... The studio was built very quickly, because...

Recording Studio in Poltava

We have completed the construction of the recording studio in Poltava. The studio consists of vocal and control rooms. There is also a lounge and office space, which is being finishing work. During the construction of the studio we used new materials for soundproofing and acoustic control. The construction of the studio carried out under the supervision of engineer Victor Verhnyatskiy. We have made also wiring and installed equipment: monitor system RA239, console SSL AWS924, recording system...

Studio Muzychi has started

Construction of the studio in Muzychi near Kyiv completed. The owner of the studio has asked us not to be limited to advice on acoustics. Therefore, we have been involved in the design and manufacture of switching, power supply system, etc., which you can read already on the updated version of the site. In the meantime, we put some photos in the Portfolio.

About Sound Consulting

For several years we deliberately put off the creation of this web-site for one simple reason: our customers can't be people who have decided - without getting up from the sofa - to find a designer for their studio or sound system. To find us, it was necessary to read at least a certain number of articles and books, and accompanied by more and more into the realm of Sound. But the appearance of this website is not an indication of change in our position. Thus, there will not be a forum, becau...

Musychi Studio, near Kyiv

Construction of recording studio Muzychi (near Kyiv) is practically completed. The next step - decorative finishing. We have to make a break for two or three months, as the building, which houses the studio, needs completion; existing dirt and dust do not allow us the opportunity to begin the final phase of work. In the meantime, the owner of the studio turned to us for help in design of switching circuits of studio equipment and its practical implementation. It is planned to produce a connect...

What does your company apart from designing recording studios?

The answer to this question is incorporated in the name of our company. Design and construction of recording studios - one of our activities. In addition, we design and set up sound systems and do all the things that require a balanced and competent approach: design sound systems for sport, entertainment and shopping complexes, for cinema and home theatres, tours, etc. We are not tied to any brand, so in each case we offer our customers the complete set of equipment that best suits to their task...

How to choose a designer to build the studio?

Acoustic design is an activity which is at the intersection of science and creativity, and more precisely creativity. It is always a work of authorship, and no company can do so, as some acoustic desigber can do . Take a look at our portfolio and note that each built our studio has given the project's author, who is personally responsible for its implementation. And it is correct. Compare, for example, the sound of violins made by a talented craftsman (Stradivarius, for example) with the sound o...

Recording studio in village Muzychi, near Kyiv

Construction of recording studio in village Muzychi  (near Kyiv) will begin on 24 of March. The studio will specialize in classical music recording. The owner of the studio is going to buy the following equipment: Reflexion Arts 240B monitors, SSL 900+ mixing desk, converters PrismSound (24 channels), Reverb Lexicon 960L, piano Steinway, microphones Neumann, Shoeps etc.

Recording studio in Moldova

February 4, was installed and configured Reflexion Arts 239 monitor system in the studio, which is located in Nova Aneny, Moldova. Project author - Oleg Naumenko. The studio was built in the shortest possible time. This is the first studio in Moldova, which were installed Reflexion Arts monitors in. More information - in the Portfolio

Recording studio, Moldova

It starts with the design studio in Anenii Noi, Moldova. The studio will be located in a separate building. The area of the future studio is about 50 square meters, ceiling height - about 4 meters. The studio will consist of a control and vocal rooms. Presumably, the design work will need up to two months. Author of the project and process engineer - Oleg Naumenko. Reflexion Arts 239 monitors will be install in the studio. It will the first monitor system designed by Philip Newell in Moldova.