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A purchase for the Muzychi studio

An awesome pre-ordered grand piano has being added recently to Muzychi studio inventory, near Kiyv. Impressions from it's sound are very strong. Breathtaking instrument! Now the complete chain without weak links has being formed in this studio - allowing to make high grade recordings: recording space with good and transformable acoustics fabulous grand piano set of microphones of the highest level of quality (Shoeps, Newmann D-Solution and others) Prism Sound and Apogee converters (...

Recording studio in village Muzychi, near Kyiv

Construction of recording studio in village Muzychi  (near Kyiv) will begin on 24 of March. The studio will specialize in classical music recording. The owner of the studio is going to buy the following equipment: Reflexion Arts 240B monitors, SSL 900+ mixing desk, converters PrismSound (24 channels), Reverb Lexicon 960L, piano Steinway, microphones Neumann, Shoeps etc.