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Why do you prefer to use in your studios Reflexion Arts monitors?

First, in my opinion, because it is the best monitors in the world not only in sound, but also on their performance characteristics. Of course, one could argue that the assessment of monitors is more subjective category . Then I will not argue. But there are objective factors which can not argue. For example, somebody might prefer cameras Kodak, and someone else, for example, Nikon. This is a matter of taste. However, any camera with 17 megapixels resolution is always better than camera with 2 m...

Recording studio in Moldova

February 4, was installed and configured Reflexion Arts 239 monitor system in the studio, which is located in Nova Aneny, Moldova. Project author - Oleg Naumenko. The studio was built in the shortest possible time. This is the first studio in Moldova, which were installed Reflexion Arts monitors in. More information - in the Portfolio

Sergei Bolshakov’s recording studio “Parametrica”

Sergei Bolshakov's recording studio "Parametrica" is one of the most successful studios in Russia. It specializes in live music recording. The studio is located in the centre of Moscow (Taganka), in the basement of a building. Reflexion Arts 239 monitors, which are installed in the studio, are the first monitor system in Moscow, designed by Philip Newell. Studio contains a control room, three rooms for recording, machine room, rest rooms, etc. The author of the project and process engineer - Al...