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Monitor system has been installed

RA239 monitor system has been installed in a recording studio (Zhovty Vody, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), so construction of the studio has been finished. Acoustic design - Alexander Kravchenko. Installing and adjustment of monitor system - Oleg Naumenko and Alexander Kravchenko. The owner of the studio - Meshcheryakov George. The studio has control room and neutral acoustic room for recording.

What size of rooms are most suitable for control room?

If we are talking about a stereo control room, the most optimal are the premises from 30 to 50 square meters. Smaller rooms are more difficult to design and harder to achieve a desired result, especially in controlling of low frequencies. In areas larger than 50 square meters we can meet up with other problems. In any case - no matter how big the room is - the distance from the listening position to the monitors can not be more than five meters. Ceiling height in the future control room can n...

Why do you prefer to use in your studios Reflexion Arts monitors?

First, in my opinion, because it is the best monitors in the world not only in sound, but also on their performance characteristics. Of course, one could argue that the assessment of monitors is more subjective category . Then I will not argue. But there are objective factors which can not argue. For example, somebody might prefer cameras Kodak, and someone else, for example, Nikon. This is a matter of taste. However, any camera with 17 megapixels resolution is always better than camera with 2 m...

Recording studio, Moldova

It starts with the design studio in Anenii Noi, Moldova. The studio will be located in a separate building. The area of the future studio is about 50 square meters, ceiling height - about 4 meters. The studio will consist of a control and vocal rooms. Presumably, the design work will need up to two months. Author of the project and process engineer - Oleg Naumenko. Reflexion Arts 239 monitors will be install in the studio. It will the first monitor system designed by Philip Newell in Moldova.

Recording studio Maxi Sound, Kyiv

Installation of the monitor system Reflexion Arts 239 completed construction of the recording studio Maxi Sound, which is located at Obolon in Kyiv. The studio contains a control room (30 square meters), recording space with a neutral acoustics, vocal room, arranger, service and office space. Project author - Alexander Kravchenko. Engineering and technology - Victor Verhnyatsky. Switching and installation of monitors - Oleg Naumenko and Alexander Kravchenko.

Sergei Bolshakov’s recording studio “Parametrica”

Sergei Bolshakov's recording studio "Parametrica" is one of the most successful studios in Russia. It specializes in live music recording. The studio is located in the centre of Moscow (Taganka), in the basement of a building. Reflexion Arts 239 monitors, which are installed in the studio, are the first monitor system in Moscow, designed by Philip Newell. Studio contains a control room, three rooms for recording, machine room, rest rooms, etc. The author of the project and process engineer - Al...