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Recording studio in Moldova

February 4, was installed and configured Reflexion Arts 239 monitor system in the studio, which is located in Nova Aneny, Moldova. Project author - Oleg Naumenko. The studio was built in the shortest possible time. This is the first studio in Moldova, which were installed Reflexion Arts monitors in. More information - in the Portfolio

Recording studio, Moldova

It starts with the design studio in Anenii Noi, Moldova. The studio will be located in a separate building. The area of the future studio is about 50 square meters, ceiling height - about 4 meters. The studio will consist of a control and vocal rooms. Presumably, the design work will need up to two months. Author of the project and process engineer - Oleg Naumenko. Reflexion Arts 239 monitors will be install in the studio. It will the first monitor system designed by Philip Newell in Moldova.