Currently the pre-project work is running on the construction of recording studio near Almaty, Kazahstan. Studio will live in a separate 1-floor building with ceiling height of 4.5 meters. Studio is planned to have a control room of 35 sq. meters area, recording room with neutral acoustics (area = 40 sq. m) and vocal room (area = 16 sq. m). Reflexion Arts 239 high definition monitor system will be installed as main monitoring solution.

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It’s always being our saying that Sound Consulting is always open for young people who share our principles and passionately love Sound, and that such personalities are potential members of our team.

From now on, our company has a rep in Kazahstan – sound engineer, producer and composer Alexander Shevchenko. Alexander has worked with the majority of leading local artists (Roza Rimbaeva, Nagima Iskalieva, Batyrhan Shukenov, Dilnaz Ahmadyeva, A-Studio, JCS, Orda, Rin’GO and others). Alexander is also a sertified representative of such manufacturing brands, like Yamaha Commercial Audio, Peavey Media Matrix, Beyerdynamic and closely cooperates with Y-Music local equipment sales company. Alex is also an owner of one of the best recording studios in Kazahstan.

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Our company is 10 years old (young) now. It is common to accept congratulations and make gifts on such an occasion. So we are announcing a “Three projects for half a price” campain.

The rebate is actual till 15 of July 2010 on the territory of Ukraine.

The rebate conditions:

a) the building for the studio should meet minimum requirements for studion construction

b) a monitor system RA 239 or RA 234 should be bought and installed.

First three requests will be treated as winners once they are agreed with rebate conditions.

Popularity: 20% [?]

It is truly pleasing to recieve the acknowledjement of Your work from Your customers. Acknowledjement of professionals is twice as pleasing. But when our works start to have being copied, feelings are mixed.

We look at this with a healthy dose of humor and accept such copying as a special kind of acknowledjement, though a quite twisted one. Copying takes different forms – from blind copies of outer look of Reflexion Arts monitors to outlandish references like “designed by Newell” or “built after consultation with Kravchenko” on studio websites. And besides others even owners of quite respectable studios are observed having done this.

So we came up with an idea to open a special “cunstcamera” or “anti-portfolio” on this site. This might be a separate webpage easy to get in but impossible to get out; something like the gallery of the grand progeny of Dolly the ship.

Some candidates to enter this page can be seen on these photos. Although, they have time till 1st of July 2010 to avoid such a fate.

Moreover, Reflexion Arts manager Sergio Castro has stated that RA lawyers will not leave such occasions without reaction.

What concernes with us – we will limit ourselves by humor for now…

Popularity: 21% [?]

In terms of geography we do not have any restrictions. Here we are guided only by common sense.

Our specialists are living in Ukraine, so we work mainly in Central Europe and the European part of the former SU, although there are requests from the Far East, Kazakhstan and Western Europe. When it comes to designing sound systems – no problem. But the construction of recording studios assumed the repeated visits of our specialists, so at large distances transportation costs may be disproportionately large. For example, there is hardly any sense to invite us to build a vocal room in Vladivostok or in Barcelona. At the same time, the construction of a large professional studio there may be more profitable than building a vocal room, for example, in Moscow. Each case is unique in its own way.

Popularity: 21% [?]

Recently Kiyv was visited by Steynway&Sons company respesentatives. The program of visit was tight and strictly planned. Firstly, Steynway&Sons reps visited Muzychi Recording Studio that is located near Kiyv and recently opened it’s doors to customers (look in Portfolio). It’s worth mentioning that the great pre-ordered grand piano of this firm is now installed in main recording room of this studio.

German Safonov, studio owner, says that specialists of Steynway&Sons so greatly loved the acoustics of the room and grand piano sound in it, that they corrected their visit plans and stayed in studio almost till the evening.

Steynway&Sons pianos are found in best concert places of the world, and it’s really hard to impress high-skilled people like these. This acknowledjement is twice as pleasing to us, becuse the author of the studio project is also a piano player in past.

Popularity: 8% [?]

An awesome pre-ordered grand piano has being added recently to Muzychi studio inventory, near Kiyv. Impressions from it’s sound are very strong. Breathtaking instrument!

Now the complete chain without weak links has being formed in this studio – allowing to make high grade recordings:

  • recording space with good and transformable acoustics
  • fabulous grand piano
  • set of microphones of the highest level of quality (Shoeps, Newmann D-Solution and others)
  • Prism Sound and Apogee converters (32 channels in/out)
  • SSL AWS900+ mixing console
  • Pro Tools HD3
  • outboard: Lexicon 960 and alike
  • Reflexion Arts 240B high resolution monitor system
  • flexible and all-inclusive cabling/patching/connectors
  • all conditions for comfortable work and rest

Talking about recording – especially classical music, we are even hardly know the better place with similar conditions for work and creativity. You can see last photos of this studio here.

Popularity: 7% [?]

Контрольная комнатаConstruction of the studio in Muzychi near Kyiv completed. The owner of the studio has asked us not to be limited to advice on acoustics. Therefore, we have been involved in the design and manufacture of switching, power supply system, etc., which you can read already on the updated version of the site. In the meantime, we put some photos in the Portfolio.

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For several years we deliberately put off the creation of this web-site for one simple reason: our customers can’t be people who have decided – without getting up from the sofa – to find a designer for their studio or sound system. To find us, it was necessary to read at least a certain number of articles and books, and accompanied by more and more into the realm of Sound.

But the appearance of this website is not an indication of change in our position. Thus, there will not be a forum, because we do not want to spend time on discussion with the “laying on the sofa”. There will be no bragging rights and advertising of narcissism, “a grateful customer reviews”, have made a carbon copy; claim to solve all the problems and massive character. The web-site is primarily an information-oriented.

We are open to young people who share our principles and fanatically love Sound.

Briefly about our company and its priorities.

The experience of our professionals allows us to create a recording studios and sound systems of any level of complexity. We are not tied to any brands and trademarks, we are striving to realize their experience and expertise, we want to be proud of our projects – and here our desires and expectations of our customers are agree completely.

We are not looking for the number of designed studios and sound systems, because such “race” inevitably leads to a decrease in quality. We do not share our customers at the prestigious and no prestigious. But we’ll be happy to work together with competent and demanding customers, who know exactly what they want.

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If we are talking about a stereo control room, the most optimal are the premises from 30 to 50 square meters. Smaller rooms are more difficult to design and harder to achieve a desired result, especially in controlling of low frequencies. In areas larger than 50 square meters we can meet up with other problems. In any case – no matter how big the room is – the distance from the listening position to the monitors can not be more than five meters.

Ceiling height in the future control room can not be less than three meters. In this case – after finishing works -resulting ceiling height can be approximately 215cm. The best choices are the premises with a ceiling height of 4-5 meters or higher.
Width of control room can be more than 450sm, depth – more than 300 cm. Location window and door openings also affects the decision. The abovementioned figures are approximate and rather minimal. They are shown without insulation, otherwise they should be more.

Popularity: 100% [?]