Recording studio “Столиця”, Kyiv, Ukraine

Recording studio “Столиця”, Kyiv. There is a budget studio. It was built in 2001 on the 7-th floor of an office building. It contains large and small control rooms, two vocal rooms, the main recording hall, MIDI-room. Acoustic designer – Alexander Kravchenko.

Recording studio AFS, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

AFS studio is located in the House of Air Force officers of Ukraine in Vinnitsa. This is the first studio in Ukraine, which was designed by Philip Newell and which was installed his monitor system in. This is also the only recording studio in former Soviet Union, which there is stone room for recording in, designed by Philip Newell. The studio contains a control room, the room with neutral acoustics, vocal and stone rooms. It is located in the centre of the city, in a quiet and cozy place. There is a well-developed infrastructure. Phone of the studio: +380 43 2272 002

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