Recording studio Sky Recording, Almaty, Kazakhstan

The studio was built in 2011, monitor system Reflexion Arts 234 (first in CIS) will be installed in 2012. The studio is located in a separate specially constructed building at the foot of the mountains and consists of the control room, vocal room and a rather big recording space with a neutral acoustic. The total area of studio is about 150 sq m, ceiling height - more than 4,5 meters. Acoustic design - Alexander Kravchenko. Owner - Alexander Shevchenko.

Recording studio Muzychi, Kyiv region, Ukraine

The studio was built in village Muzychi near Kyiv in 2009. It is located in a separate building, the ceiling height from 3,3 to 4,5 meters on the second floor. The studio contains from the control room (15sq.m), room for recording (54sq.m), as well as office space, rest rooms, kitchen etc. Studio Muzychi specializes in classical music recording, so there were increased demands on the acoustic properties of recording hall. It is possible to change the acoustic with movable acoustic panels. For nonresident musicians there are conditions for a comfortable stay in the same building. Installed monitors – Reflexion Arts 240B. This is the first monitor system by Philip Newell of this type in Ukraine. Acoustic designer – Alexander Kravchenko. Installation and configuration of monitor system – Oleg Naumenko and Alexander Kravchenko. Owner of the studio – Herman Safonov.

Recording studio Muzichi, switching field

On the photos – patch-bays in the studio, which is located in Muzychi near Kyiv. Designing and manufacturing – Sound Consulting company.

Recording studio in Anenii Noi, Moldova

The studio was built in 2008, monitor system Reflexion Arts 239 was installed in February 2009. This is the first monitor system designed by Philip Newell in Moldova. The studio is located in a separate building and contains a control and vocal rooms. Owner of the studio is going to extand it in future with a neutral/variable room. The total area of studio is about 45 sq.m, ceiling height – 4m. Author of the project and process engineer – Oleg Naumenko. Installation and monitor system configuration - Oleg Naumenko and Alexander Kravchenko. Owner of the studio – Sergei Moraru.

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