For several years we deliberately put off the creation of this web-site for one simple reason: our customers can’t be people who have decided – without getting up from the sofa – to find a designer for their studio or sound system. To find us, it was necessary to read at least a certain number of articles and books, and accompanied by more and more into the realm of Sound.

But the appearance of this website is not an indication of change in our position. Thus, there will not be a forum, because we do not want to spend time on discussion with the “laying on the sofa”. There will be no bragging rights and advertising of narcissism, “a grateful customer reviews”, have made a carbon copy; claim to solve all the problems and massive character. The web-site is primarily an information-oriented.

We are open to young people who share our principles and fanatically love Sound.

Briefly about our company and its priorities.

The experience of our professionals allows us to create a recording studios and sound systems of any level of complexity. We are not tied to any brands and trademarks, we are striving to realize their experience and expertise, we want to be proud of our projects – and here our desires and expectations of our customers are agree completely.

We are not looking for the number of designed studios and sound systems, because such “race” inevitably leads to a decrease in quality. We do not share our customers at the prestigious and no prestigious. But we’ll be happy to work together with competent and demanding customers, who know exactly what they want.

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