If we are talking about a stereo control room, the most optimal are the premises from 30 to 50 square meters. Smaller rooms are more difficult to design and harder to achieve a desired result, especially in controlling of low frequencies. In areas larger than 50 square meters we can meet up with other problems. In any case – no matter how big the room is – the distance from the listening position to the monitors can not be more than five meters.

Ceiling height in the future control room can not be less than three meters. In this case – after finishing works -resulting ceiling height can be approximately 215cm. The best choices are the premises with a ceiling height of 4-5 meters or higher.
Width of control room can be more than 450sm, depth – more than 300 cm. Location window and door openings also affects the decision. The abovementioned figures are approximate and rather minimal. They are shown without insulation, otherwise they should be more.

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