The answer to this question is incorporated in the name of our company. Design and construction of recording studios – one of our activities. In addition, we design and set up sound systems and do all the things that require a balanced and competent approach: design sound systems for sport, entertainment and shopping complexes, for cinema and home theatres, tours, etc. We are not tied to any brand, so in each case we offer our customers the complete set of equipment that best suits to their tasks. Objectivity in our time is really valuable. Do you want an example?

In Kyiv, owner of an entertainment centers have decided to make the sound system for amusement park. The essence of the attraction was that visitors pass into the van on a certain route “Jurassic Park”, and imitations of dinosaurs and other ancient animals alternately from different sides growl at them. Next to each of the animals was hidden loudspeaker, which “growl” for 8-10 seconds. Thus, the required 72 channels of sound amplification.

One of the firms-distributors to offer the customer a solution to this problem, and they said that will make the project free of charge. It’s like the customer.

As a result, in three 40U rack-stands was installed 36 2U American amplifiers, each of which had two cooling fans, and this whole system required a separate air-conditioning. The cost of each amplifier was approximately $2600, so cost of the entire system (with air conditioning and other equipment) exceeded $100000.

But there was another solution. We could use 1U amplifiers without fans Park Audio VX300, which price at that time was $250 apiece. All of them could be placed in one rack-stand, held three times less space, they would be absolutely no noise and did not require additional cooling. The cost of the system would be not more than $10000. Do you see the difference? $90000! Single-order cheaper! Besides the difference in cost, the system with amplifiers Park Audio was much better suit for the specific tasks.

Due to the fact that the employer decided to save a few thousand on project work, his wallet in the end things got easier for $90000, although only the additional air conditioning was comparable in value to the project work. So I repeat: the objectivity of our time is really valuable. And such cases are not the exception. I’ll say more: it is common practice of firms-distributors “as to leave the client without money.”

In addition to designing sound systems, we control the installation, as well as directly engaged in setting up, programming and adjustment of complex sound systems. Sound-engineer of our company Oleg NAUMENKO has great experience in large “live” concerts and tours. He is invited to the most responsible such events not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Besides above-mentioned, we also deal with acoustic measurements, providing advice on soundproofing and acoustics, etc.

We are there where you need experience, objectivity and “brains”.

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