Once we were invited to a meeting. The topic of the meeting was unusual: studio furniture. Our interlocutors were musicians who perform electronic music. The specificity of such creativity lies in the fact that near you there are always a lot of keyboards, samplers, sound modules, synthesizers and so on. Our interlocutors were already tired of this mess and wanted to change something.

These musicians were engaged in creativity in a small unsuitable room on the first floor. The height of the ceiling was about 280 cm, and the panels between the floors (as we learned later) were wooden, because it was an old building.

We pointed out the musicians to the problems of their premises. During the conversation it turned out that they did not know that we design recording studios. They agreed with our proposals, but they need took some time to agree on the budget. We told them that in these conditions nobody can talk about a full-fledged studio, but we can help them to do everything in this room that the laws of physics allow.

Projecting furniture is a very interesting activity, and in this case we had an opportunity to realize our ideas about studio furniture.

Three months later, everything changed. The studio table turned out to be functional, ergonomic and very beautiful. The room was very comfortable. Quantity of microphone cables became smaller at times. In addition, we managed to significantly improve the sound insulation.

Acoustic and furniture design – Alexander Kravchenko. Interior design – Maria Movchan.

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