Because it is disadvantageous especially for you! I’ll try to explain in order.

Construction on a turnkey basis means that the project engineer, engineer for switching, electrical engineer, fitter, foreman, supplier and 4-6 builders are involved in construction of your studio – that is about 11-13 people. And if we add more experts on ventilation/air conditioning, security alarm, fire treatment, etc., the number could grow to 15-20 people. If the studio is built far off, all of them need somewhere to place, to ensure their living conditions, etc. It can be very expensive. At the same time, almost always the customer can find local profile specialists and builders, which will cost him much cheaper.

The designer of your studio and you are united by a common purpose: to make the studio as good as possible. Therefore, you should see him as a competent and impartial adviser. But during construction of the same studio on a turnkey basis your designer will lobby the interests of other people – profile specialists, builders, equipment vendors and others – who work with him in the same company or simply friends. And where is the interest of the customer here?

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