It is truly pleasing to recieve the acknowledjement of Your work from Your customers. Acknowledjement of professionals is twice as pleasing. But when our works start to have being copied, feelings are mixed.

We look at this with a healthy dose of humor and accept such copying as a special kind of acknowledjement, though a quite twisted one. Copying takes different forms – from blind copies of outer look of Reflexion Arts monitors to outlandish references like “designed by Newell” or “built after consultation with Kravchenko” on studio websites. And besides others even owners of quite respectable studios are observed having done this.

So we came up with an idea to open a special “cunstcamera” or “anti-portfolio” on this site. This might be a separate webpage easy to get in but impossible to get out; something like the gallery of the grand progeny of Dolly the ship.

Some candidates to enter this page can be seen on these photos. Although, they have time till 1st of July 2010 to avoid such a fate.

Moreover, Reflexion Arts manager Sergio Castro has stated that RA lawyers will not leave such occasions without reaction.

What concernes with us – we will limit ourselves by humor for now…

Popularity: 25% [?]

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