August, 2011

Construction of Sky Recording Studio in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is finished. The main monitor system will be installed in 2012.

Acoustic designer – Alexander Kravchenko. The owner of the studio – Alexander Shevchenko.

Construction of the studio has several features.
Firstly, it will the first RA234 monitor system installed RA234 in the CIS!
Secondly, the studio has built in the shortest record time – almost a month and a half!
Thirdly, Alexander Shevchenko (the owner) is one of the judges of popular TV-show “X-Factor” in Kazakhstan; it guaranteed popularity of the studio and interest to its construction.

Fourthly, the studio was built in the area of ​​seismic activity.

Popularity: 54% [?]

Construction of the recording studio in Zhovty Vody (Ukraine) is finished. In November 2011 we will install and tune RA239 monitor system. This is the first RA monitor system in this region of Ukraine.

Acoustic designer – Alexander Kravchenko. Owner of the studio - George Meshcheryakov.

Popularity: 26% [?]