Musychi Studio А, near Kyiv

Construction of recording studio Muzychi (near Kyiv) is practically completed. The next step – decorative finishing. We have to make a break for one or two months, as the building, which houses the studio, needs completion; existing dirt and dust do not allow us the opportunity to begin the final phase of work. In the meantime, we've finished to install and adjust RA239 - high-definition monitor system with extended cabinets. The studio has beautiful acoustics and excellent sound insulati...

Electronic music. Artreform

Once we were invited to a meeting. The topic of the meeting was unusual: studio furniture. Our interlocutors were musicians who perform electronic music. The specificity of such creativity lies in the fact that near you there are always a lot of keyboards, samplers, sound modules, synthesizers and so on. Our interlocutors were already tired of this mess and wanted to change something. These musicians were engaged in creativity in a small unsuitable room on the first floor. The height of the c...


We have finished our work in Poltava. It took four days only to install RA239 monitor system and to finish wiring. The construction of the studio carried out under the supervision of engineer Victor Verhnyatskiy. Acoustic designer – Alexander Kravchenko. Engineer - Oleg Naumenko.

Project-studio in Astana, Kazakhstan

The construction of this small studio was completed six months ago. From the first days of our communication, the customer was not going to build any studio. He wanted us to construct him a booth for vocals and announcers recording. First we spent some time to explain to the customer our point of view on such things, to explain all the strengths and weaknesses. Then we spent some time on establishing communication and solving bureaucratic problems... The studio was built very quickly, because...

Recording Studio in Poltava

We have completed the construction of the recording studio in Poltava. The studio consists of vocal and control rooms. There is also a lounge and office space, which is being finishing work. During the construction of the studio we used new materials for soundproofing and acoustic control. The construction of the studio carried out under the supervision of engineer Victor Verhnyatskiy. We have made also wiring and installed equipment: monitor system RA239, console SSL AWS924, recording system...

Monitor system has been installed

RA239 monitor system has been installed in a recording studio (Zhovty Vody, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), so construction of the studio has been finished. Acoustic design - Alexander Kravchenko. Installing and adjustment of monitor system - Oleg Naumenko and Alexander Kravchenko. The owner of the studio - Meshcheryakov George. The studio has control room and neutral acoustic room for recording.

Sky Recording Studio

Construction of Sky Recording Studio in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is finished. The main monitor system will be installed in 2012. Acoustic designer - Alexander Kravchenko. The owner of the studio - Alexander Shevchenko. Construction of the studio has several features. Firstly, it will the first RA234 monitor system installed RA234 in the CIS! Secondly, the studio has built in the shortest record time - almost a month and a half! Thirdly, Alexander Shevchenko (the owner) is one of the judges o...

Recording studio in Zhovty Vody is finished

Construction of the recording studio in Zhovty Vody (Ukraine) is finished. In November 2011 we will install and tune RA239 monitor system. This is the first RA monitor system in this region of Ukraine. Acoustic designer - Alexander Kravchenko. Owner of the studio - George Meshcheryakov.

Recording studio in Zhovti Vody, Ukraine

We agree to build a recording studio in Zhovti Vody, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. The studio will consist of a control room and a small hall for recording with neutral acoustics. Owner of the studio are going to expand the studio with additional hall with "live" or variable acoustic. Previous specialization studio - rock and pop recording. We will install RA239 monitor system. Approximately studio construction will begin in late April 2011.

Bolshakov’s studio website

The studio of our good friend and partner Sergey Bolshakov does not need special representation, and visit rate of this site ensures this. This studio is really one of the best in Russia. Components of it's success are: attentive adn highly professional personnel, high-grade and carefully chosen equipment, tailored and presisely adjusted room acoustics, high definition monitor system and many other. We are glad to announce that studio's website became available at: